Mission Statement

Emergency Response Solutions International (ERSI) is a resource of highly trained and experienced emergency responders and construction safety professionals. ERSI is dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact while ensuring compliance on construction sites. ERSI ensures compliance by providing the highest quality in continuous training and comprehensive evaluations and observation in the work place.

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Our Values

Emergency Response Solutions International (ERSI) will provide safety and leadership on your site based on our ethical obligation to protect people and the environment.

On your construction site, ERSI personnel will provide continuous site safety by conducting or implementing safety meetings, fire assessments, safety training, field audits, incident investigations and reporting, safety orientations, audits of Pre-Task Analysis / Job Safety Analysis, safety culture, safety programs, safety management, equipment inspections and audits. ERSI will be the first to arrive on the construction site and the last to leave every day, ensuring our commitment that every worker will go home safety each day.

ERSI Personnel